About us



SORGEN SYSTEMS provides next-generation embedded system engineering solutions that would satisfy all business requirements where cost, size, and complexity process innovation becomes highly significant.

Sorgen Systems is a Product Design Development and services Company in the areas of Consumer & industrial Electronic Hardware, Platform and total product designing.

We rely heavily on innovation and cutting-edge technologies to provide a wide spectrum of reliable Hardware solutions to various industry segments. Our excellence in research, design and development provides our customers a valuable partner to address their challenging design needs. Our ability provides right solutions to meet your requirements.

Beyond that, we also provide H/W Design, Design Analysis, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing related services. This means that under one roof, we provide a proven team and technology that can develop your complete product and get you successfully into market with the features required.


Embedded applications can be improved with sensing control, including health care, traffic control, vehicle safety, energy use, agriculture, and manufacturing. This vision includes coupling massive sensing and control with big data and analytics to accomplish advanced levels of optimization and efficiency.

Feasibility study, embedded systems design, embedded systems software engineering, modeling, prototyping, feature enhancements and feature driven development

Re-engineering development with latest technology adaptation, custom embedded system development, performance, reliability improvement, and multiple platform porting services.